Faculty and Staff

haselbachLiv Haselbach, Ph.D., P.E.
Professor and Chair

Research: Sustainable Development, Permeable Pavements, Environmental Life Cycle Assessment, Sustainability Education

jaoMien Jao, Ph.D.

Research: Soil Evaluation and Stabilization, Foundation/Pile/Wall System Evaluation, Numerical Modelling in Geotechnical Engineering

linJerry Lin, Ph.D., P.E.
Director, CAWAQ

Research: Fate and Transport of Pollutants, Water and Waste Water Treatment

yuaRobert Yuan, Ph.D.

Research: Fiber-Reinforced Polymer Composites, Experimental Mechanics and Full-Scale Testing

qianQin Qian, Ph.D.
Associate Professor

Research: Environmental Hydrodynamics, Water Quality Modeling and Solute Transport Processes

brakeNicholas Brake, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor

Research: Analysis and Design of Concrete Pavements, Fatigue and Fracture Properties of Cementitious Composites

wuXing Wu, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor

Research: Transportation System Analysis, GIS applications in Transportation, Waterway Safety, Electric Vehicles

zhaoRenzun Zhao, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor

Research: Water quality monitoring, Solid and hazardouse waste mitigation, Nutrient-Water-Energy nexus, Fate and transport of refractory organic contaminants, Sustainability

suDan Su, Ph.D.
Visiting Assistant Professor

Research: Structural safety and reliability, Smart structure, structural health monitoring and non-destructive testing, Structural deterioration

yangHao Yang, Ph.D.
Visiting Assistant Professor

Research: Connected and Autonomous Vehicles, Environmental and Energy Sustainability, Transportation Air Quality


blaine hallBlaine Hall
Laboratory Technician
(409) 880-8758