Graduate Course List

CVEN 5300 - Advanced Structural Analysis

Review for methods of statically indeterminate structural analysis including constant deformation, slope deflection and moment distribution; introduction of stiffness and flexibility methods using matrix algebra, theories of arches, cables, cylindrical structures using classical and energy methods. May be repeated for credit when topics vary. Offered: Other

CVEN 5318 - Stress Analysis and Material System

A study of solid mechanics and/or building/hydraulic systems related to the performance of different materials such as soils, metals, timber, masonry, and composites under various loading conditions. Consideration of construction and environmental effects. Topics may include, if applicable, unsymmetrical sections, shear center, curved beams, torsion of noncircular cross sections, strain energy, virtual work, plasticity, fatigue, and introduction to the theory of elasticity. May be repeated for credit. Offered: Spring

CVEN5338 - Solid Waste Management

A study of solid waste collection, transfer and disposal systems. Investigation of the reclamation of resources by multiple use, reuse and improvement of existing sources to meet quality requirements. Offered: Other

CVEN 5364 - Traffic Analysis

Introduce students to the principles of transportation engineering with a focus on highway engineering and traffic analysis. The course covers fundamental concepts and principles that guide road design, as well as the movement and control of vehicular traffic. Specifically, these include geometric design, traffic flow theory, highway capacity analysis, traffic signal operations and travel demand and forecasting. Prerequisites: Calculus, Statistics, Statics and Dynamics

CVEN5370 - Geographic Information System (GIS) Applications in Engineering

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CVEN 53XX - Advanced Foundation Engineering

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CVEN 6333 - Chem. Principles Environmental System

Introduction to aquatic and atmospheric chemistry, chemical kinetics and equilibrium, acid-base chemistry, chemical buffer, metal-ligand chemistry, precipitation and dissolution, redox chemistry and radical chemistry. Offered: Other

CVEN 6345 - Water Quality Modeling/ Monitoring

Introduction to water quality simulation in natural water systems, e.g., water temperate, dissolved oxygen model in lakes/reservoirs/estuaries, turbulent diffusion and dispersion in one and two dimensional systems, and chemical and biological kinetics in water quality model. Introduction to monitoring of air and water quality parameters in coastal areas, including solids, dissolved oxygen, BOD, COD, salinity, criterion pollutants and selected instrumental analysis. 

CVEN 6387 - Hydraulics of Environmental Systems

Hydraulic design of municipal utilities including storm water and waste water collections systems, water distribution networks and treatment plant facilities. Offered: Summer

CVEN 5307 - Bridge Design

The course is a graduate course on the design of bridge structures. It is intended for students who have completed basic indeterminate structural analysis and design of steel and reinforced concrete structures. The topics in this course include history, development and classification of bridges, use of AASHTO LRFD Specification for the design of superstructure and substructure of straight simple and continuous I-girder type bridges, rating of existing bridges and a full design of a bridge project. Prerequisites: CVEN 4380 Concrete Design and CVEN 4390 Steel Design

CVEN 5320 - Engineering Project Management

Principles governing the effective and efficient management of engineering projects including the application of comprehensive planning, scheduling, and cost estimation procedures. Presentation of oral and written design reports. Offered: Fall

CVEN 5324 - Models in Hydro System

Analysis of basin hydrology, steamflow frequency, and water surface profiles, introduction to wave machines and hydrological transport processes including water quality simulation in hydrodynamic systems (oceans, estuaries,lakes/reservoirs, rivers/streams, storm water control facilities). May be repeated for credit when subject matter varies. Offered: Summer

CVEN 5325 - Fundamentals of Air pollution

Pollutant sources, emissions and transport. Air pollution control methods. Particulate collection theory, gaseous pollutant removal theory. Atmospheric sampling and analysis methods. May be repeated for credit when the subject matter varies. Offered: Spring

CVEN 5329 - Water Supply and Treatment

An investigation of the chemistry of water treatment processes including the study of treatment process selection and associated design parameters. Offered: Other

CVEN 5331 - Biological Wastewater Treatment

Principles of treatment for domestic and industrial wastewaters with emphasis on process kinetics and biological action. Offered: Other

CVEN 5334 - Sustainability: Green Engineering

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CVEN 5381 - Building Design/Construction

Advanced topics in Building and/or Construction Systems. Topics may include the treatment of contaminated soils, and the effects of various static, dynamic, hydraulic, and wind loads on structural frames and foundations. Environmental, social, and safety requirements may be taken under consideration. Presentation of oral and written design reports. May be repeated for credit when topics vary. Offered: Fall

CVEN 53XX - Travel Demand Analysis

This course introduces foundations of travel demand analysis, including theory and practices. It describes the statistical concepts used for estimation, provides a complete description of the theoretical and practical bases for disaggregate models, and shows how these models can be used in travel demand forecasting. The class also synthesizes and illustrates state-of-the-art applications for the most significant developments in travel demand modeling. The major topics covered in this class are: fundamentals of transportation systems analysis, theoretical aspects of travel demand, travel behavior, modeling of performance characteristics and costs of transportation modes, development of travel choice models including mode, route, and destination choice, and equilibration. Prerequisites: CVEN 4365

CVEN 6332 - Advanced Geotechnical Engineering

Investigate practical applications of soil mechanics principals to geotechnical engineering, dewatering techniques, design and analysis of deep foundations and retaining structures. Offered: Summer

CVEN 53XX - Pavement Analysis and Design

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CVEN 53XX - Structural Health Monitoring and Data Processing

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CVEN 6334 - Sustainability: Life Cycle Analysis

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CVEN 5309 - CE Fundamentals

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